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Cracking Wines Take Time. Why slow wine is worth the wait!

What is the Slow Wine movement and why its worth the wait!


But some wines are created equally as good for the planet as they are for your enjoyment. The wine you choose can impact how we all win and lose.

Browse the endless wine shelf at the supermarket and you might grow curious: what's behind the bottles besides fermented grape juice. These days, most of us are more savvy than ever about where our food comes from and how it's produced. Consciousness has even gone commercial. I just browsed the latest Aldi catalogue and even there you will find promotions celebrating "Veganuary" and they have pages full of "Bio" goods.  

But most of us can't say the same thing about that glass of vino we're enjoying along with our consciously better food choices. The truth is, the method of wine production is as varied as factory made chicken versus pastured-raised free birds.

Some wines are made more natural—or with less additives —than others. To understand the difference between organic, biodynamic and natural wine, it first helps to have a little background.

To simplify... What is a complex subject of winemaking.Wine is the product of two 1. Wine growing encompasses planting, farming and harvesting grapes in the vineyard.

2. Winemaking includes crushing, transforming and bottling these grapes into stuff you might sip by the glass  or slurp by the bottle (depending on your mood  or whom your with) 

Though the intricacies of a good glass are all held in the bottle, variations between wines aren't always transparent. One thing is clear when strolling through the aisles of pinot noirs and rieslings at your local shop: aside from seemingly simple decisions—do I want red or white tonight?— you should also consider a made good - drink good wine that might be "organic," "biodynamic" or a "natural" Low intervention wine. 

At the end of the day we have a choice as consumers. Sure I don't mean go out and spend all your money on wine. But there sometimes can be a big difference in practise, quality and impact for a few euros more. At the end of day we think of wine in this way. It's a luxury, an everyday luxury that is not essential to our life... although life with out it can be pretty dull. So as a product that is farmed on a major scale for our enjoyment we should hope that its production minimal impact and therefor more joy. 

Check out the next post where try and go deeper into Orgainc Vs Biodynmic and Natural wines. 


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