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Make Wine Grape Again!

There is alot funny business behind a wine label. Not all wines are as a grape as they seem

The magic of wine is that all you need is grapes. Grapes contain their own natural sugar, water and will also carry natural yeast from nature and therefor when healthy, handled and pressed with care will turn into wine based on the influence of temperature and the vessel it ferments in with a bit of patience and time.  Sounds pretty simple right? 

I mean this amazing self sufficient juice of the gods has been dating back some 9000 years. 

However over the last maybe 40+ years wine changed to meet the demands of the supermarket shelves. Where consistency and shelf life (and competitive price points) changed how wine was made. Wine shifted from a craft to a commodity. Wine shifted to be less about the making and more about the marketing. 

But here’s the catch….  like most products on a supermarket shelf wine is one fo the few food/ consumption products that does not to have an ingredients label. Did you know that in the EU there are is about 55 ingredients you are allowed to add to the wine making process. 

These additions impact / Influence ranges from clarification (make the wine look more pretty, clearer) influence colour, increase/ decrease acidity make wine more Elaborate ( WOOD CHIPS), controlled/ commercial yeasty that will do what they say, ferment faster and survive high alcohol.  And while sulphur dioxide also naturally occurs and gets a bad wrap for your “hangover” this is mostly because its been added at higher amounts than needed for more stabilisation and preservation. In fact beyond SO2 there are about another 13 preservatives allowed. So that So2 may not be the only thing that makes you feel bad. 

Additionally (haa good pun) some of these aren’t even vegan friendly.

In summary this is about transparency and if you care about what you eat, or put into your body you might want to consider where your wines come from and how they were made.  

At cracking wines we are trying to curate Wine that already in nature have not undergone any heavy, chemical spraying. And in the the cellar the wines are made from  spontaneous fermentation and have been kept away from over fining, pumping or filtering. 

Wines made good so you can drink hopefully feeling good knowing that your wines were made by makers and not marketers. Wine made in nature fora wine loving community and not as a commodity. 

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