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What is Organic Wine all about


What's the Difference between Organic, Biodynamic and Natural Wines?

What is Organic Wine and viticulture?

Organic viticulture is a holistic cultivation system. Organic vintners rely on biologically active soil as the ideal location for healthy and stable vines. Careful use of water and soil - organic vintners do without artificial fertilizers and only use organic and sparingly soluble fertilizers. They do not use any foreign chemical-synthetic substances - a plus for the soil and the groundwater.

Prevention instead of pesticides - The organic vintners protect their vines from pests and diseases by promoting beneficial organisms, using plant-strengthening care products and planting grape varieties that are naturally resistant to fungal diseases . Promotion of biodiversity - organic vintners create with blooming green undersown crops in their vineyards as well as through walls, Bushes and trees create new diverse habitats for plant and animal species that are often threatened. Natural products instead of genetic engineering - when choosing plants as well as yeast and other products used, this quality criterion is guaranteed by strict controls. 

Organic wine is wine grown with NO synthetic fertilizers, Herbicides or Pesticides

Organic grapes are cultivated in vineyards banning the use of artificial inputs, including synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides and pesticides. In organic vineyards, a bountiful growing year relies instead on maintaining strict standards for soil health—for example, upping biodiversity through crop rotation.



As a result organic farming has a  positive impact on the wines quality.

An increase in quality is hardly possible with conventional viticulture unless you use mask whats lacking in nature with additives. In the production of terroir wines, organic viticulture is of crucial importance. More and more top wineries around the world have recognized this and are converting their businesses.

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