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Whats the difference between Organic and Biodynamic Wines

Both are more sustainable vineyard management. But whats the difference

What are Biodynamic Wines? 

Biodynamic WINES Adhere to all organic criteria, plus some (or all) of the doctrines established in the late 1920s by Rudolph Steiner, an Austrian philosopher and academic known for exploring the synthesis of science and spirituality. To put it simply, biodynamics is the practice of viewing the vineyard as an ecological entity regarded from the soil up.

While anyone can practice this style of farming, winemakers cannot label their wines "biodynamic" unless they are certified by Demeter, the main association for biodynamic growers.

Biodynamic certification requires that farms be free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers for at least three years and generate at least 80 percent of their fertilizer from the farm itself. So instead of bringing in organic fertilizers and other materials, vineyard waste, such as grape seeds and skins and landscape cuttings, is recycled back into the land through composting, which helps farmers maintain nutrient-rich soil. "This practice involves creating an ecosystem and it requires serious commitment on the part of the producer," "It isn't something that can happen overnight."

Biodynamic is Organic — and more! Creating a true sense of Terrior. At the base level, this means increasing soil fertility by barring the use of chemical fertilisers and pesticides. Biodynamics, then, is organic wine taken a step further: just as the care for your health shouldn't prioritise lungs over kidneys, so must a vineyard operate as a series of balanced interactions.

While many vineyards are monocultures (the cultivation of a single crop alone), a biodynamic farm must be diversified and self-sustainable, resisting monoculture through interactions between a larger ecosystem of plants and animals.

Planting, harvesting and pruning practices are determined by a specific calendar, taking into account both lunar cycles and the position of the sun and planets.

There is said to be 3 x more manual labour to cultivate wine Biodynimc.  That said wines will generally be higher in price to conventional wines, but to be competitive - this doesn’t mean that the wines are 3 times more expensive!



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