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Winesplaining - Pet Nat

Why you need to try Pet Nat


We get commonly asked… Whats up wit dat Pet Nat crack?

Short Answer - Pet Nat’s are Awesome, Yeasty, Aromatic, cloudy Sometime a little Funky, but always Fun - Wine Fizz!  

Long Answer 

Pét-nat – short for Pétillant Naturel, which in English simply means "naturally bubbling“. It is a return to the old, more natural and original tradition of sparkling wine production. Pét-nat reflect authentic craftsmanship and like GUDE champagne can be tricky to make and time consuming. That is why it is mostly made in small quantities. 

In our case the Pét-Nat producers work their vineyards according to organic or even biodynamic methods. By doing this you create a healthier natural yeast used in the bottle fermentation which is why Pét-Nat wines display a wide range of exciting aromas.

So how are they different to bottle fermented Sekt / Champagne? 


Pet Nat's are sparkling wines that are made in the Ancestral Method, a similar way as Traditional Method Champagne in that they get their natural fizz from a bottle fermentation (yeast eats sugars releasing Co2 / bubbles that stay trapped in bottle till you crack the top off). 

Traditional Method Fermentation

The difference is this… Unlike Champagne, Pét-Nats do not undergo a second fermentation .  In the case of Sekt/ Champagne a quality base wine is made first, it is then usually refined, filtered and then added to the bottle with a tirage ( more yeast and sugar). Gude champagne/ Sekt then usually continues fermenting in the bottle for 1.5 years… the longer the better to develop more flavour, creamy body, baked aromas and fine bubbles.  

Ancestral Method

Pet-Nat’s are made in the Ancestral Method. A fermented younger, unfiltered, wild wine which finishes its fermentation in the bottle and is more commonly not disgorged unlike Champagne leaving some of the dead yeast particles behind.

Most Pet-Nat’s see about a 4-6 month bottle fermentation… again as stated… the longer the better, which is the case with our Rizzy Star Must  

What do Pet Nat's Taste Like ?

While the key flavours and aromas reflects the base grape and terroir. In general Pet Nat's are aromatic, fizzy, juicy, mostly dry, sometimes a little fruity like a pear cider and sometimes tropical like a Hawaiian holiday. Sometimes there is a bit of citrus tart and herbaceous secondary flavours from skin contact, unfiltering and those left over yeasty floaties! 

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