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A bit of info about us trying our best to send you cracking wines!

To be clear "we don't make any money from the shipping costs" provided. We mostly at this stage work with DHL.

And while we are not on the same playing field as Amazon, we still will however strive to offer you the best service, the best wines at the best prices. 


  • 1-3 Bottles, 2-3 days delivery time (not including weekends) €4.50
  • 3 or 4 packs, 2-3 days delivery time €8.00
  • 6 pack + €12


      1. Free Same day delivery For orders within 40Km off the Cracking Wines Keller in the GA 55435. (ordered before 13:30). 
      2. Same day Express Delivery to Frankfurt €10  (For orders over €60 and ordered before 13:30).

    🇪🇺 EUROPE (we love you)

    To all our wine loving friends we are still trying to find the best way to send you  cracking wines. As you know Covid-19 hasn't made cross-border delivery easy. We currently ship at the below rates which are insured.


    • 1-3 Bottles, 3-7 days delivery time €15
    • 4 packs & 6 Packs 10kg Max, 3-7 days delivery time €21.99
    • 12 Pack order, 3-7 days €30 

    *Note for the for the Nordics:

    It can take longer thanks to your customs people who might try to pocket a little extra cash to deliver your wines. This would be at your expense. 


    For my mates down under 

    • 6 Packs only! Game of chance with customs ( you now how it is) They might like a cut of the cake and charge you a WET tax. If your all ok with that.... Shipping €100  takes about 3+ weeks



    Get in touch and we will try and sort something out!


    If you have any urgent questions about shipping please contact and our shipping department will do their best to get you cracking ASAP! 

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