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Hi we are Simon & Carl.

Its our mission is to bring you wines that are Made Good - so you Feel Good.

2 brothers from another mother connected by the love of quality wines and good times.

A German guy who’s family has a winemaking tradition and owns vineyards. And an Australian guy who pretty much lives in a vineyard.

Both on the quest to deliver made good feel good wines by producers who give a fuck about how their wines influence the planet and people, who care about community and not just commodities and produce quality over quantity. Wines that are made good, by good people, for good people so you can drink feeling good 🥂

 That's what cracking wines is all about.

Our vision is to create a community for conscious wine lovers offering tasting experiences and place to shop cracking wines. So you can get cracking too! 



Open Minds ~ Open Wines

Made Good ~ Feel Good

Listen ~ Learn ~ Love & Share




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